Inherited Adventures

A little look-see at the creation of The Digital Sweatshop's first full-length feature film "The Inheritance," filmed in Canada and the Philippines, currently in post-production.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Bumalik" music video from Ang Pamana: The Inheritance soundtrack

Written by Romeo Candido, remixed and performed by Chillitees:

"Flicker" music video from Ang Pamana: The Inheritance soundtrack

Written and performed by Up Dharma Down:

"Call My Name" music video from the Ang Pamana: The Inheritance soundtrack

Written and performed by Romeo Candido:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

::manila gala premiere + after party @ embassy::

The line-up:
Victor Neri being interviewed immediately upon entry:
Sustained applause as the cast is introduced:

MTV interviews with the cast:

Myself with cast member Darrel Gamotin and his cousins:
Cast members Nadine Villasin + Nicco Lorenzo Garcia:
The cast, director and Eddie Tirona:
Script supervisor Ria Limjap and producer/cast Caroline Mangosing
Director Romeo Candido and wife/producer/actress Caroline Mangosing:

Darrel and I :P.A. CJ Ocampo and Darrel:

Me, CJ and Nadine:Afterparty @ Cusine/Embassy:
Ria Limjap + Jun Mangosing:

Myself with cast members Cholo Barretto and Ketchup Eusebio, and their respective girlfriends Lya and Bethany:

Darrel, me and Romeo (proudly wearing Manny Pacquiao on his chest!):
Carlos Celdran of the infamous walking tours of Old Manila:

Myself with cast Phoemela Baranda and friends Jonnah + Kristine:

Monday, November 06, 2006

::hawaii film fest pics + update::

Ang Pamana: The Inheritance made its international premiere at the 26th annual Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival this October 2006. In attendance were director Romeo Candido, producer/cast Caroline Mangosing, cast members Phoemela Baranda, Darrel Gamotin, Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, along with myself (Christine), Jun Mangosing, and Catherine Mangosing.

Both screenings played to a full house at the Regal Dole Cannery Theatre in Honolulu. Because of the late hour of the first screening, the Q + A with the director, producer and cast occured before the show and comprised mainly of short introductions and brief comments from each person regarding their experience working on the film. After the show, the audience sustained their applause until the very last credit rolled on the screen. Many audience members stayed behind to greet the cast + crew personally -- both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike expressing the ways in which they related and/or were affected by the film.

Despite the second screening's coinciding time slot with the festival's awards ceremony, the theatre was packed once again. As with the first screening the film's rapid shifts between drama, comedy and suspense elicited laughter, surprised gasps and shrill screams from the audience in all the right spots. Most of the audience remained for the Q + A, which, this time, occcured after the screening. Questions from the audience included inquiries about where the soundtrack could be purchased, whether the film will be distributed in theatres or DVD and where, and on a humorous note, a query about whether the actor who played the character "Tommy" was "crazy" in real-life. Despite generating laughter from the cast + crew and the audience (actor Nicco Lorenzo Garcia was not present at this screening), this question was a huge compliment to Nicco for his convincing portrayal of a mentally-handicapped man. Comments included one from a non-Filipino man who was greatly enthused by the film and declared how sure he was that the film would be a succesful hit. Another comment, this time from a Filipino mother, observed how accurately Darrel Gamotin's character captured the culture shock experienced by 1st and 2nd generation Filipino-American/Canadian youth upon visiting their parents' homeland for the first time. She went on to remark that she would definitely recommend the movie to her children, whom she was sure could relate to the film.

After the Q + A, again, audience members were lined up to greet the cast + crew -- snapping photos, requesting autographs and sending congratulations all around.

Apart from the screenings, myself and the rest of the Inheritance crew took full advantage of our time in Hawaii (as evidenced in the photos below) -- in the sun, on the beach, at the endless profusion of bars and restaurants lining the shore of Waikiki beach, and at the numerous parties hosted by the film festival at various locations throughout Waikiki and Honolulu. The festival was attended by a host of talented Asian filmmakers from all around the world and the festival parties served as prime "get-to-know-each-other" venues where valuable connections were gained.

All in all, the festival was an immensely positive experience and Hawaii a most hospitable, not to mention, BEAUTIFUL back-drop for a film festival.

Nicco Lorenzo Garcia + Darrel Gamotin outside the theatre, the night of the film's premiere:

Cast + crew during the Q + A:

Director Romeo Candido at one of the festival's many parties:

Direk Romeo Candido, R+B/Soul singer Johann Michael, cast members Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, and Darrel Gamotin, David Magdael of Los Angeles's VC Asian Film Festival, and Montreal music producer Vance:
David Magdael, Romeo Candido, and producer Caroline Mangosing:

Darrel Gamotin and I on our way to one of the festival parties:

Nicco Garcia and Phoemela Baranda (sitting opposite me and Darrel in the same car!):

Hanauma Bay:

Sunset on Waikiki:

Direk Romeo Candido:

JTM and Nicco:
View of the Waikiki strip from the festival's hospitality suite balcony:

Romeo + Caroline:

Darrel + Caroline:

Caroline, myself + Nicco on the hospitality suite balcony:
Rear view of the festival garden party hosted by Hawaii's governer:

View more photos here and here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Ang Pamana: The Inheritance coming to a theatre near you...

if you live in hawaii or the philippines, that least for now!

if you or someone you know is a honolulu resident, check the post below for screening times during the hawaii film fest, if you live in the philippines, the movie hits theatres nationwide on november 22nd, 2006!

hawaii international film festival

Screening Times:
October 22 @ 10:30PM > Regal Dole Cannery Stadium, Honolulu
October 26 @ 9:45PM > Regal Dole Cannery Stadium, Honolulu

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

::world premier::

Its been a long, long while but much has happened over the course of the summer for this project. The final cut of the film, complete with 5.1 dolby surround sound, an original score performed by an orchestra and original music written and performed by the director, Romeo Candido, is finally complete and ready for release!

The film will WORLD PREMIER at the HAWAII INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Honolulu, OCTOBER 19th to the 29th 2006, so if you or anyone you know lives in Honolulu, definitely keep your eyes open and check it out!

The HIFF will be followed by the VANCOUVER ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL, NOVEMBER 1st-5th, where Ang Pamana: The Inheritance will serve as the fest's closing night film.

And of course, the film's long-awaited release in the Philippines is set for NOVEMBER 22nd, 2006 in Manila. The film will be released in theatres nationwide.

In the meantime,check out the latest updates on the website. Part 1, 2 and 3 of the behind-the-scenes documentaries and video clips from the film are available in the Photo and Video Gallery, Romeo Candido's original music from the movie can be heard on the ipod in "Johnny's Backpack" in the House/Family Gallery section, and more background on the "creatures" featured in the film can be found in the Forest section. Don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

:: 1 minute trailer ::

the 1 minute trailer is now available on the website so make sure to check that out. some new stuff has been added to the website too, like the guestbook, so make sure you pass by and leave a comment in the guestbook....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


if you haven't checked the website and the 30 second teaser yet, do it now.

if you HAVE checked it out, keep checking. the site is far from finished! lots of exciting new additions coming up, including: the 1 minute theatrical trailer (coming MAY 31ST) and PART 1 of the behind-the-scenes documentary. The photo and video gallery and more interactive multimedia features are in the works, including a submission form where users can share their own stories about manannanngals, kapres,and other supernatural beings.

in regards to release dates, i beleive its projected to release in manila theatres this halloween 2006. in north america, its not yet confirmed but it could possiby premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. News and updates will be posted on the website so don't forget to check back on a regular basis. on that note, here a couple shots of the ever-so-talented art department and their minature model of the farm house.