Inherited Adventures

A little look-see at the creation of The Digital Sweatshop's first full-length feature film "The Inheritance," filmed in Canada and the Philippines, currently in post-production.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

bulacan location

this house is 150 years old. enough said.

I thought this turkey was gonna kill me. i'm not joking. never underestimate the powers of large birds.
...nor should one ever underestimate a pig the size of a small elephant!

more coming...i ran out of time.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

back home...

i'm back in TO....trapped in the foggy haze of a sleeping-pill induced (unsuccessful) attempt at warding off jetlag, but home, nonetheless. i've still got a ton of photos from the bulacan location to post so do look out for the updates. despite not being physically present in the philippines for the remainder of the shoot, i will be posting the photos shot by the set photographers, Zal and Patok. to anyone from the cast and crew peeping at this blog....i miss you all and i SO wish i was still there. by the way, i left my shades on set so if anyone finds them, Toni-girl can have them :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

paco park cemetary and chapel

the funeral scene was shot here, obviously. very creepy spot...

from this to this

this was a 5 hour process which culminated with caroline lying in a coffin for a 30-second shot. any longer and she probably would have fainted from a panic attack. eeks.

everyone's best friend, jojo

here's darrel with jojo, my parents' driver. jojo has been responsible for driving my pampered ass all around manila and beyond. much love, he's the fucking best. jojo is also, i might add, responsible for propelling darrel towards his first autograph session with the local village teenage girls who were hanging around the set. they actually had no idea who he was, they just wanted his autograph cuz apparently he was "cute enough to look like an actor." they didn't know till later that he really was. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

sta. mesa location

the house, and the outcome of the art department's fabulous work....

the director....

Odyssey Flores (Ody): the rockstar cinematographer...


The on-site editing team...all throughout the shoot these editors have been editing a rough cut as the sequences are filmed. Amazing!

starting from the beginning

dinner with the toronto peeps at greenbelt before the shoot started...