Inherited Adventures

A little look-see at the creation of The Digital Sweatshop's first full-length feature film "The Inheritance," filmed in Canada and the Philippines, currently in post-production.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

:: 1 minute trailer ::

the 1 minute trailer is now available on the website so make sure to check that out. some new stuff has been added to the website too, like the guestbook, so make sure you pass by and leave a comment in the guestbook....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


if you haven't checked the website and the 30 second teaser yet, do it now.

if you HAVE checked it out, keep checking. the site is far from finished! lots of exciting new additions coming up, including: the 1 minute theatrical trailer (coming MAY 31ST) and PART 1 of the behind-the-scenes documentary. The photo and video gallery and more interactive multimedia features are in the works, including a submission form where users can share their own stories about manannanngals, kapres,and other supernatural beings.

in regards to release dates, i beleive its projected to release in manila theatres this halloween 2006. in north america, its not yet confirmed but it could possiby premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. News and updates will be posted on the website so don't forget to check back on a regular basis. on that note, here a couple shots of the ever-so-talented art department and their minature model of the farm house.

Monday, May 15, 2006

::Ang Pamana: The Inheritance Official Movie Site and Trailer LIVE::

check it out!
Not only is the website launched but the 30 second teaser is also available for viewing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

::more random production stills::

Who's that in the mango grove?

"Nicco," "Tommy" and "Johnny":

Map of the the De Jesus property:

"Anna" and "Vanessa" exploring their newly inherited property:

"Tommy" in the garden:

Nadine Villasin: "Anna"

Darrel Gamotin: "Johnny""Do you feel her? Reach out your hand, she's right in front of you!"

De Jesus family meal:

De Jesus cousins + Tommy sharing a meal:
"Anna" and "Vanessa":
Direk Romeo briefing his cast on the next scene:

Bathrooms were gigantic back in the day. I think i might have posted this photo already but oh well:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

::new production stills:: (locations shots + scenes)

FYI, i won't be posting any photos of the actual "monsters", as fantastic as they'll just have to wait to watch the movie to see them! posting photos takes long so i'll put some more up tomorrow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

::finally:: (behind the scenes shots)

all of the following photos were shot by Zal Escobal after i had already left to go back home to Toronto.... booooooo. seeing the collection of 1000's of photos that Zal took made me jealous for the 562nd time that i wasn't able to stay for the duration of the shoot.

ben, the production designer, trying one of the "monster's" hands on for size.

ching + ben: it is a horror movie after all....

darrel, why do you look like a 40-year old papa? jokes.

art dep. passing the time

yes, i beleive that's a lizard on Ching's face.

awwww, joshua! such a cutie. this little buddy played the young "johnny."

Direk Romeo.

so cute.
phoem being primped.

angel aquino

more coming....