Inherited Adventures

A little look-see at the creation of The Digital Sweatshop's first full-length feature film "The Inheritance," filmed in Canada and the Philippines, currently in post-production.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

::more random production stills::

Who's that in the mango grove?

"Nicco," "Tommy" and "Johnny":

Map of the the De Jesus property:

"Anna" and "Vanessa" exploring their newly inherited property:

"Tommy" in the garden:

Nadine Villasin: "Anna"

Darrel Gamotin: "Johnny""Do you feel her? Reach out your hand, she's right in front of you!"

De Jesus family meal:

De Jesus cousins + Tommy sharing a meal:
"Anna" and "Vanessa":
Direk Romeo briefing his cast on the next scene:

Bathrooms were gigantic back in the day. I think i might have posted this photo already but oh well:


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